Client - RAD International

Human Factors Engineer

This project is the most loved and enjoyable application I worked on. Before Google maps introduced the live traffic reporting.

The interactive traffic reporting system to replace the traditional monitoring of MTO cameras and challenges faced by the reports in their current system and outlines what Intellione’s Live Traffic reporting application can provide.


Travel Information Services, which collects roadway information and provides 680 Traffic Reports the up-to-date details of the road conditions without shuffle around the MTO cameras. Transit data were collected via the Rogers mobile cell towers.


I went to the users and did a few days of job shadowing and gathering data from individual traffic reports, collected their pain points and the requirements they were looking for in the new enhance application.

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Collective interviewed each reporter and their views. 

  1. Performed qualitative user testing to pick the best UI to their needs.

  2. The Traffic Reports used old traditional ways to report and they were not computer savvy and they wanted something easy for them to operate without going thru too much of training.

My research surround on:

  • Understanding the user goals & needs

  • Uncovering pain points with the existing user journey

  • Determining the success of the task measured.

Design validation:

At every iteration, I used to validate with the users and project working team to make sure we are on the right track. 


Lots of whiteboarding, low-fidelity wireframes, and discussion on the design with the solution architects, BAs, and SMEs on how to improve the user experience without scarifying the requirements and client experiences, keeping the project on track. 

At every design phase, I coordinate with the developers making sure the design meets the technology challenges. 

Gather information from the Reports, Video Record their behavior while using their existing apps during the LIVE broadcast, Flash base high fidelity mockup,


Create Persona and UI Design Documents for the developers, Testing involving with the third-party tools.

Created Pattern library and UI wireframe document.

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