Client - Erie Insurance

Sr. User Experience Consultant
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On a daily basis, I was responsible for performing interface design using technologies such as Wireframing Tool, HTML, javascript and other web technologies. I was also responsible to interact with Agency Personnel, Business Analysts and Systems Analysts.



The User Experience team at Erie insurance was medium in size with BAs, UX designers, UI developers, and UX researchers and all reported to UX director. We had a strict rule to follow the UX process in the project without compromising the quality of the client experience.

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I used to go where the application users were and did data collection, job shadow, interviews, likes and pain points in the current application, and come back and create personas, user flows, and empathy map. discuss with the project BAs and understand more about the requirement.


Talking with SME on the requirements and work on the strategic design planning

My research surround on:

  • Understanding the user goals & needs

  • Uncovering pain points with existing user journey

  • Determining the success of the task measured.


Lots of whiteboarding, low-fidelity  wireframes, and discussion on the design with the solution architects, BAs and SMEs on how to improve the user experience without scarifying the requirements and client experiences, keeping the project on track. 

At every design phase, I coordinate with the developers making sure the design meets the technology challenges. 

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Screenshot - Customer Journey map

To validate the design before it goes to sign off and development. I used to validate the artifacts with the actual user either by a full pledge Usability testing or Gorilla testing. I was lucky to go travel to different banking centers and conduct 1-1 or a group usability testing.

Analyze A-B testing.

Plan solutions for tactical or strategic releases according to technology or time constraint.

Present the Usability test results report to the Stakeholders and project team. 

I like to create interesting journey maps that are easy to explain to stakeholders and can also be used for development purpose.

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Screenshot - Home & Auto Insurance
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Claims management system

  1. Claims management system

  2. Mobile Claim reporting

  3. E-signature